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Simple things to spruce up the exterior of your home that won't cost a fortune

  1. Clean up your yard: Mow the grass / onions, fertilize and reseed bare spots if necessary. Remove any leaves from last fall.

  2. Paint your mailbox

  3. Flowerbeds: Trim shrubbery, weed and prune trees

  4. Pressure wash you siding or brick. Consider painting anything that is starting to peel. Neutral colors work best.

  5. Make sure your porch lights work properly.

  6. If you have a doorbell, make sure it works properly.

  7. Clean out your gutters and down spouts, reposition or replace any that are loose.

  8. Wash windows inside and out

  9. Clean and/or repaint your front door and shutters

  10. Inspect and clean out your chimney

  11. Repair / replace any damaged shingles

  12. Repair / replace any loose siding

  13. Remove oil stains from driveway and garage

  14. Purchase some brightly colored potted plants and place at the entrance for a welcoming feeling.

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