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"Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo" - The Beatles

The song could not be more accurate - here comes the sun indeed.

June and July is none other than a wonderful time in Paris, TN, especially since there is so much to enjoy!

Eiffel Tower Park

  1. 2 Playgrounds

  2. The City Pool ($ 6 MAX - senior and military discount available)

  3. A splash pad ($ 2 MAX)

  4. A pavilion with picnic tables

  5. Soccer Fields

  6. Tennis Courts

  7. Disc Golf

  8. A paved walking trail with workout equipment along the way

  9. An unpaved walking trail near the pond (on opposite side of the road)

  10. A pond (on the opposite side of the road)

See website for more information:

Kentucky Lake / Land Between the Lakes

Tennessee River Jam

PBR in Paris

Henry County Fair

We here at Bass Realty hope to see you out and about enjoying the sun!

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